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Please donate to our Association

The Association for the Jewish Heritage of Gallipoli is a registered  non-profit Israeli organization (No. 580582179). It was established by
descendants of Jewish Gallipoli families which lived and flourished in Gallipoli since the 15th century. The aim of our association is to
conserve the Gallipoli Jewry heritage. Our first and immediate project is the to rescue the ancient Jewish cemetery from a total extinction.

We, the legal executives of The Association for the Jewish Heritage of Gallipoli, call upon you to donate generously and with an open hart. We are committed to manage the funds received from you with the outmost responsibility, honesty and with full transparency and to use it only for the direct goals of the association, as required by the Israeli laws and rules for registered legal non-profit associations. 

The project will be executed in four steps:

Step 1
Clear the weeds and thorns, trim the trees, remove any trash and garbage and treating the groud with anti weeds chemicals.
this step cost is estimated at 7,000$. (this work had alrady started by a local contractor).

Step 2
Repair the wall and fence and install an iron gate with a lock in order to enclose what was left of the original cemetery and
declare it as a sacred place again.
This step cost is estimated at 15,000$.

Step 3
Clean all tombstones from dirt, weeds, fungus and moss. Find the tombstones which are strewn around and place them on
the proper graves. Mark the graves with missing stones or illegible marking.
This step cost is estimated at 10,000$.

Step 4
Build a memorial wall with the names and details of those whose graves were destroyed and desecrated engraved on.
The cost of this step is estimated at 15,000$

After the completion of the above four steps we will hire a local person which will be the keeper of the cemetery. This person
will be responsible to keep the cemetery clean all year around and to open the gate to visitors.
The cost of that person is estimated at 5,000$ per year.

Therefore in total we need to raise soon the sum of about 50,000$

There are three possible way to donate:

1. You can send a cheque or money order to :
The Association for the Jewish heritage of Gallipoli
C/O The Guy Family
13 Har Gilboa St. Ashdod, Israel 7772013

2. In Israel you can deposit money in our bank account:
Bank name: Leumi Bank, branch 932
Account number: 418499/02
Address: 3 Shavay Tzion St. Ashdod, Israel

3. From overseas, you can transfer monet to our bank account:
International Bank Account Number(IBAN): IL950109320000041849902
for The Association for the Jewish heritage of Gallipoli.

We thank you from the bottoms of our harts,

Ilan Guy, David Kara, David Elazar
The Association for the Jewish heritage of Gallipoli