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"The Association for Conservation of the Heritage of the Gallipoli Jewry"
A registered Israeli Association no. 580582179

The Association was established by descendents of families which lived and flourished in Gallipoli Turkey for many generations, some since the Byzantine Empire time, others since the expulsion from Spain and Portugal.
We decided to take action in order to preserve and conserve the great heritage and tradition of our ancestors for the next generations.
We intend to start our activity with the project of Restoration and Conservation of the Jewish Cemetery in Gallipoli.
We call upon all descendants of Gallipoli area families and others from around the world to join us and contribute.
The founders: David and Ruth Elazar, Ilan and Miriam (Mimi) Guy, Sara and David Kara.
Mailing address:
Gallipoli Jewry Association
c/o Guy Family
13 Har Gilboa St.
Ashdod, Israel 77720